Is Tech Right For An INFJ? 9 Tech Jobs INFJs Will Love

Are you an INFJ exploring career options for the first time or thinking of changing careers?

If so, you might wonder if tech is right for an INFJ. 

We often hear horror stories about the competitive, rough-and-tumble world of tech. Does a values-driven introvert fit into that landscape?


The world of tech encompasses a large swath of jobs and career paths. I’ll explore why INFJs are well-suited for tech and which roles they might find the most rewarding. 

Is Tech Right For An INFJ?

INFJs are idealistic and strongly driven by their core values

From that angle, any job in tech would be a right fit for an INFJ so long as they connected to the company’s larger mission or felt an inherent sense of fulfillment from the job. 

Tech also presents great opportunities for any introverted personality type, not just INFJs. Many tech jobs allow you to work independently, often on projects requiring deep, intellectual work, which appeals to many INFJs.

Why INFJs Thrive In Tech

INFJs are often described as highly creative people. They tend to enjoy working with technology because it allows them to use their skills and abilities to solve problems and improve things. 

In tech, INFJs are known for creating innovative solutions to complex problems. They typically like to write clean, well-organized code and usually prefer to work alone.

INFJs’ natural inclination toward out-of-the-box thinking and empathy makes them great innovators within the tech field. They aren’t afraid to ask “why” questions that help improve products and systems. 

For example, in a meeting before a product launch, INFJs are great at anticipating how users might interact with a product and the problems they will encounter. Having an INFJ on the team may help companies avoid costly mistakes after a product launch.

For a tech company to thrive, it needs people who can translate into easy-to-understand terms so that its product can be adopted by everyday people. INFJs can be great assets to that end. 

INFJs are also drawn to tech jobs that allow them to combine their analytical skills with their desire to help solve problems. 

Summary Points: What INFJs Like About Tech:

  • They get to use their analytical and creative skills.
  • They get to solve problems and teach others how to solve problems.
  • They are good at thinking outside of the box
  • Their natural tendency towards empathy and abstract thinking helps them approach problems from a different angle. 
  • The ability to translate complicated concepts into accessible information for everyday people
  • Tech offers more opportunities to work independently.
A man and woman sit at an open office space reviewing some work on a computer. The title reads Is the tech field right for INFJs?
Is tech right for INFJs?

Why INFJs Might Struggle In Tech

INFJs are dominant in intuitive intuition, which means they spend a lot of time looking at the bigger picture and trying to extract the meaning behind that information.

It makes them naturally drawn to symbols and more abstract concepts, which can be found in some tech roles, but not all. 

INFJs are also more inclined to notice patterns related to human behavior, whereas their INTJ counterparts are better at picking out systems-related patterns

But in the tech world, sometimes abstract thinking means you miss something in the finer details or don’t find enjoyment in digging around the fine points. This can be a handicap for INFJs in tech-related jobs. 

INFJs don’t do well in fast-paced environments with numerous interruptions, which is common in some tech spaces and start-ups. That is because their critical thinking (Ti) is their tertiary function. INFJs need space to get in their zone to thrive. 

Some tech roles don’t allow for that. 

Finally, some INFJs find the tech space overly logical and emotionally sterile. They report feeling put off by the lack of empathy for people’s feelings. Relatedly, they may work with many personality types who aren’t ‘feelers,’ making it harder to connect and communicate effectively. 

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Summary Points: What INFJs Dislike About Working In Tech

  • Fast-paced environments with a lot of interruptions and high-stakes deadlines
  • Lack of empathy or respect for people’s feelings in the office environment
  • Preferring big picture, abstract thinking to more granular details required of some tech roles
  • Working with too many overly logical personality types
  • Clashing with more aggressive, dominant personality types

What are the best jobs for INFJs in Tech?

Now that we see how INFJ skillsets and interests fit into the tech world, it’s time to explore which careers are best suited for these idealistic introverts.

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top tech jobs for INFJs

App Developer

App developers use coding language to create apps for mobile devices. This is a great job for INFJs because it involves a lot of creative thinking and troubleshooting – two things that INJFs thrive on. 

Additionally, app developers enjoy a healthy mix of working independently and collaboratively. It’s also a high-paying field where INFJs can do well without taking managerial roles. 


UX stands for user experience and refers to your interaction with a product, including how you feel about the interaction. 

A UX designer conducts research and usability testing to help design products and services with the user’s needs front of mind. This is a tech position that is tailor-made for INFJs.

It combines all of their strengths:

  • Understanding people’s needs, wants, and feelings
  • Creative thinking
  • Solving problems

Successful UX designers can identify ways to improve products and execute their vision. 

Computer and information research scientist

Computer and information research scientists investigate computing problems and develop solutions to improve software and hardware. They design and conduct experiments to develop models and theories and analyze the results.

This is a great fit for solutions-oriented INFJs. 

This role typically requires working closely in small teams, which INFJs prefer to larger teams with a lot of bureaucracy. 

Content marketing manager

INFJs whose creative talents are best expressed via writing will do well in this tech field. Content marketing marries several INFJ interests. In this role, INFJs will use their creativity to research and write.

Still, it also nurtures their more analytical side by using data to inform the overall content strategy of a company.

Plus, content marketing is often a collaborative field. There is a lot of flexibility in this role. Some content marketers are freelancers, others work for agencies or as part of an in-house team. 

The perfect content marketing role for an INFJ would be in a company or working on behalf of clients who share INFJ’s core values. 

Graphic designer

INFJs who are visually creative thrive as graphic designers. This role is a particularly good fit if the INFJ designs for a company or on behalf of a mission they believe in. 

From a practical standpoint, graphic designers have a lot of flexibility to be self-employed or work remotely, which allows them to have more control over their workspace. INFJs often need alone time to get into the zone and produce great work. 

There is a collaborative side to graphic design that INFJs are good at. They are good at translating another person’s vision into their work.

Hardware engineer

Hardware engineers develop and test new computer hardware or work to update existing equipment. Much like other tech jobs on this list, this job requires ingenuity, creativity, strong problem-solving skills, and an ability to collaborate with teams. 

Bonus points if the hardware will help solve a problem or be used in service of a cause the INFJ engineer cares about.

A word of caution – this job leans heavily on the analytical side, so it might not be well-suited for all INFJs. 

Tech Support

INFJs with a passion for computers and helping people may find a lot of fulfillment in tech support. The job description for tech support roles can vary wildly in skill and scope. 

Generally speaking, this role allows INFJs to constantly flex their problem-solving and critical thinking muscles. Depending on the job, tech support can be incredibly rewarding. 

A good IT support tech can be why a doctor’s office can get back online to schedule patients or provide technical assistance to ensure a teacher can give her presentation in class. 

There are downsides, however. Tech support jobs can be hectic and demanding. Interactions with other people can be draining, as many clients are panicked and frazzled when they reach out to tech support for help. 

This can be draining for INFJs. 

Tech support is a great career with many growth opportunities, but the right environment is key. 

Software engineer

Software engineers are in demand with high projected growth. They plan, design, and implement projects and focus on developing, maintaining, and updating software. 

Software engineers play a critical role in ensuring the efficacy and performance of software, which some INFJs find appealing. 

Like the other roles listed, they often work remotely or in a hybrid model, leaving them the necessary solitude to work through complex problems. A lot of this work is done independently. 

Some INFJs may find the overall work landscape sterile and unfulfilling as a “feeler,” but this isn’t a big problem for others. 

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Web developer

INFJs can do well in both front-end and back-end web developer roles. INFJ web developers enjoy the high quality of life that comes with the role and the ability to be “left alone to create.” 

There is also a high level of job fulfillment from INFJ web developers who feel like their work creates something that others find useful. They also laud the problem-solving aspect of the work. 

However, INFJ web developers also talk about potential downsides to the job. Some positions are subjected to intense deadlines and high-pressure outputs described as “soul-sucking.” 

Web development can be rather impersonal, so INFJs who need a little more emotional fulfillment from their work might not like this job. 

Bottom Line: Is Tech Right For An INFJ?

INFJs absolutely can and do thrive in the tech industry. There are many roles that perfectly blend INTJs’ talents and interests. To be successful, INFJs should aim to find a tech role that allows them to:

  • Utilize their problem-solving skills
  • Think creatively and outside of the box
  • Work independently without constant distractions
  • Provide value
  • Collaborate meaningfully with others
  • Help people solve problems
  • Do work that aligns with their values

There is no such thing as a perfect job, but if INFJs can find one that ticks most of these boxes, they’ll be in good shape!

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Is tech right for an INFJ? PIN

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