The INTJ Stare: What’s Really Going On?

INTJs often show deep facial expressions that are easily misinterpreted by other personality types, and one such leading example is the INTJ stare.

Some may even affectionately call this the “death stare”, though the meaning behind it is quite different. This stare often involves an INTJ spacing out or staring into the distance in someone’s direction.

It is not uncommon to see an INTJ person’s expression change as they stare, oftentimes, taking on a perplexed or even angry look. People will often ask an INTJ doing this if something is wrong, even though this is just another personality quirk.

Most INTJs never really stare in anger, so it is very hard for them to comprehend why someone may perceive them as angry or disturbed. It likely was not the meaning behind their stare at all.

People are often intimidated by INTJ types because their personality along with their gaze can be a little intense.

One look inside the eyes of an INTJ may reveal intense judgment but without emotion. Of course, some INTJs give off a deer in headlights look while others are deeper.

INTJ woman staring
What’s behind the INTJ stare?

Why Do INTJ Types Give Off The “Look”?

The so-called death stare that people associate with INTJs is a result of many things, but as they are deep in thought, thinking is the most likely one.

People with this personality type tend to have deep thoughts and constantly search for meaning behind things. They spend a lot of time on personal exploration.

In fact, INTJ personalities, more so than others, will often have many ideas buzzing in their heads only to choose one idea to pick apart. As they do, they may often let their imaginations run wild with that one thought and just keep going.

Lost in Thought

The mind of INTJs is often one beautiful endless loop. One thought leads to another then another and will just keep on going.

INTJs are also great at solving problems and critical thinking as they tend to have fresh ideas and new ways of approaching certain topics.

In fact, when hanging out with friends or even other people, an INTJ may end up asking a seemingly random question. Rest assured, the question is anything but! Everything an INTJ does has reason or rhyme, though not always clear to other people at the time of interaction.

Another reason INTJ types are prone to the death stare is that they’re easily distracted by their surroundings. They also like to immerse themselves deep in thought. Though many people find the death stare off-putting, it is in fact a compliment!

Very rarely do INTJs pick a person or thing to mull over without finding them interesting or worth thinking about.

intj death stare
Why INTJ personality types stare.

The Meaning Behind The INTJ Stare

There is no actual anger behind the INTJ stare, and if more people understood what this personality type entails, they would also conclude that there is a lot of hidden meaning behind the stare itself.

The INTJ stare isn’t a call to battle nor is it actually frightening, but rather, it is a fascinating thing. The stare is almost always the result of their minds working quickly to resolve conflicts or create new ideas.

INTJs and Misunderstandings

Many people aren’t really willing to give INTJ people a chance because they tend to be harder to connect with. However, when they do make a connection with someone, they are fiercely loyal.

The death stare may frighten some people, but others that have truly done their homework know that it is never with ill intent. It could happen for a large number of things ranging from boredom to curiosity, but the true answer lurks just beneath the surface.

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Why Is It Called The Death Stare?

Though lovingly and even jokingly called the death stare, the term itself does carry a negative connotation when referring to INTJ people. It seems to portray them as cold, aloof people devoid of emotion, but it is quite the opposite.

Thoughts tend to provoke facial expressions, but in INTJ people, this expression is often a blank stare. For this reason, it’s been called the death stare.

Most people do not intentionally give the death stare. People often wrongly assume that an INTJ person will know exactly what they look like when they’re deep in thought, but the reality is significantly different than perception. Of course, sometimes, a blank stare is just that- a sign that a person is simply bored or disinterested.

INTJ man giving a death stare
What’s up with the INTJ death stare?

An INTJ is often detached from things happening around them. They escape into their own world in their minds. Of course, this stare can also symbolize an INTJ’s form of resistance to an inhospitable environment. A workplace isn’t always friendly and not everyone is accepting of others, in which case a death stare or blank expression offers the best coping mechanism.

Lastly, there is the off chance that an INTJ is angry. Though they try to keep their emotions a blank slate and always in check, if something angers them, it can really lead to an almost predatory death stare. It means they wish the other person would take notice of their feelings and simply stop talking, but the facial expression doesn’t always speak for itself.

The Final Word on the INTJ Stare

INTJ personality types are one of the most often misunderstood people. They are curious and inquisitive, but most of this takes place in the comfort of their own minds. They don’t connect with their environment like everyone else, but when they do, their thoughts work a mile a minute and they may seem so far away and out of reach, hence the death stare.

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