11 INTJ Hobbies Every Introvert Will Love

INTJs are one of the rarest Myers-Briggs personality types. They are introverts with a passion for learning and a strong drive to excel professionally. INTJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, And Judging. People with this personality type enjoy hobbies that allow them to explore their intellectual and creative curiosities, preferably solo or with a small group of trusted friends.

Hobby Ideas for INTJs

INTJs love creative hobbies that will challenge them mentally and allow them to work independently. If you’re in need of ideas for interesting INTJ jobbies, the following are sure to suit.

1. Art

Many INTJs like to channel their creative pursuits into art. It affords them the flexibility to experiment and be creative without a lot of unnecessary social interaction (if that’s what they choose).

The great thing about artistic hobbies is the wide range of options available that can suit one’s individual strengths. You might like to take up pottery, painting, jewelry making, calligraphy, or sketching. There are so many options.

INTJs are likely to bring innovative ideas to traditional mediums and get a lot of personal satisfaction from art projects. Because INTJs are not afraid of a challenge. They relish the opportunity to learn something new and tinker with their craft. Art is a great vehicle for that.

INTJ woman painting a picture
INTJ Hobbies: Art

2. Learn an Instrument

Picking up a new musical instrument is another rewarding hobby for INTJs ready for a challenge (which is nearly all of them). Due to their fiercely independent nature, many INTJs will proudly venture into the world of “self-taught musician status” though formal lessons are not out of the question.

They may even opt to attend YouTube University to get the fundamentals. INTJs have a huge appreciation for cultural events and arts. Music is no exception and would make a great hobby for this type of person.

3. Photography

This hobby could easily be lumped in with other “art” but we’ve separated it out for its particular appeal to INTJs. They are drawn to the technical side of photography and enjoy the freedom it allows them to perform creative pursuits independently. INTJs are known innovators and are not overly concerned about pleasing the masses. They tend to see the world differently from others, which translates into their photography in interesting ways.

While learning the technical side of operating a professional camera and learning photo-editing software might scare off other personality types, INTJs are drawn to the challenge. It’s a great fit!

4. Gardening

Gardening is an introvert’s dream! Not only is it good for your physical and mental health, but it allows INTJs the creative freedom and privacy they often crave. Good gardening relies heavily on intuition and understanding the delicate science of how plants thrive. As anyone with an aspiring green thumb knows, this is far from easy.

Plants are fickle things. Figuring out the sweet alchemy of soil type, water, shade, sunlight, and pruning plays to the INTJs unique strengths.

5. Cooking and Baking

For the INTJ foodie among you, why not take up cooking or baking? INTJs love activities they can fully immerse themselves in. Spending time in the kitchen whipping up unique dishes and constructing interesting flavor profiles is one of the more popular hobbies of creative introverts.

There are so many cuisine types, cooking styles, and techniques one can explore in the kitchen. Plus, you get a fantastic meal at the end of it! What’s not to love?

INTJ man chopping vegetables
INTJ hobbies: Cooking

6. Independent Sports

Everyone needs to get enough physical activity to stay healthy and sharp. For this rarest personality type, independent sports tend to be one of the better INTJ hobbies. There are a lot of options to choose from. Depending on your interests or goals you might be into weight lifting, running, golfing, swimming, or cycling.

If you’re trying to push yourself to be more social, but want to limit the amount of interaction, you might even like doing something like tennis, boxing, or taking a yoga class. Martial arts are another activity worth considering. The discipline behind many practices is appealing to most INTJs which plays to their strength.

7. Enjoy the Outdoors.

INTJs are very cerebral personality types. Spending time outdoors is a great way to nurture that quality. You and your fellow INTJs might like to take up hiking, foraging, kayaking, or canoeing.

Getting outdoors really appeals to the innate curiosity of INTJs. With so much to discover and observe, it’s a great hobby to consider.

INTJ gamer putting hands up
INTJ Hobbies: Video Games

8. Logic and Strategy Games

INTJs love an intellectual challenge. They might be drawn to independent games like traditional puzzles, Sudoku, zebra puzzles, and other fun brain games that can satisfy the INTJs desire for stretching their brainpower.

Additionally, INTJs may gravitate towards games like chess or strategic board games like Risk Catan, Scrabble, or any number of other classics. Of course, these games can’t be played solo, but they do cater to the INTJ’s interpersonal style and can be enjoyed with other like-minded individuals.

9. Video Games

Another popular INTJ hobby is playing video games. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the online and gaming console world. (Okay, maybe not the whole sky, but there are more than enough options out there.)

The world of online gaming is filled with introverts looking for a way to connect on their own terms. Because so many INTJs are attracted to technology and the strategic aspect of these games, it is no wonder that it has become a favorite hobby.

Online strategy games like Crusader King, Offworld Trading Company, XCOM, and Total War marry many of the INTJs favorite things: strategy, fantasy, technology, and carefully curated social interaction. It’s a big win!

10. Collecting

Collecting is the perfect INTJ hobby because it perfectly blends their strong sense of organization with their innate curiosity. Becoming a collector is also a great way to engage one’s intellectual curiosity. Plus, there’s the thrill of the hunt.

Going out and finding rare pieces to add to your collection is fun and as adventurous as you want it to be.

11. Book Clubs (Virtual or In-Person)

Reading is a popular INTJ habit. Why not have it double as a hobby? INTJs have a thirst for knowledge and with the advent of virtual book clubs, it’s easier than ever to find a group of people with similar interests who love to read. Plus it allows INTJs who abhor frivolous chat to engage with others in meaningful ways.

Final Word on INTJ Hobbies

INTJs love any activity that will allow them to engage their interests, push themselves intellectually, and have control over how much (if any) social interaction is involved. Fortunately, there are a plethora of hobbies available that suit these needs. It all boils down to access, interest, and a desire to get started!

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