7 INTJ Anime Characters Who Are True Masterminds

The INTJ personality type has rich levels of perception and is often known as “the mastermind”. It’s a personality where these types love to connect dots and understand patterns and relationships. With an INTJ personality, loyalty and dreamlike states also come when they think about themselves.

An introverted nature usually keeps INTJs calmer and reserved while they take time alone to learn everything that they can. Don’t mistake an INTJ for being anti-social however, they love being playful, making jokes, and sharing everything they have learned with you!

It’s fascinating that personality types are often incorporated into fictional culture including tv shows, movies, and books. However, today we’re looking at anime, which are well-known for developing complex fictional characters. Rich layers of personality traits are created based on characters’ real-life inspiration. Much like a true INTJ, let’s connect the dots and go through 7 INTJ anime characters who share this trait! 

Lust – Fullmetal Alchemist

A slightly flirtatious, intelligent, and charming character. Lust from the anime show Fullmetal Alchemist was fiercely loyal to characters on her side, but she also knew how to get information out of others. The way that Lust perceived human nature, is a sure sign of an INTJ personality type. Lust thought of humans as predictable and foolish, inferior to her own intelligence. While real-life INTJs may not all think so negatively about people, they certainly know about their own intelligence and have a strength for observance!

INTJ anime character Lust from Full Metal Alchemy
INTJ anime characters: Lust

Yelena – Attack on Titan

Always calm and composed, Yelena from the anime show Attack on Titan flourishes as an intriguing INTJ personality type. Much like Lust, she dedicates herself to close ones. She has a deep admiration for Zeke Yeager, and remains unchanged even if somebody is emotional towards her. Yelena’s cleverness and intelligence are expressed within her dry humor. When it comes to making choices, Yelena won’t hesitate and is willing to apologize if she ever makes a mistake.

Kaguya Shinomiya – Love is War

There isn’t a time where Kaguya Shinomiya from Love is War isn’t thinking about a new strategy. She admires another boy and plays mind games throughout the series as she tries to win him over. In her early days, she was cold and rational but eventually opened up more to other characters. Kaguya stayed pretty formal though, the way she addresses people is typically orderly. This show regularly shows that Kaguya is very self-observant and has a complex perception of herself like an INTJ. 

INTJ anime characters – Kaguya Shinomiya

Karma Akabane – Assssination Classroom

Complexity at its finest, Karma Akabane from Assassination Classroom showed different sides to his personality throughout this anime show. He started more on the sadistic and mischievous side but also had good reasons for his actions. Later on, in the show, Karma showed more respect to other people and even cared deeply for Nagisa. Karma’s INTJ giveaway is his always relaxed mood and his work ethic. For instance, he didn’t care for things that were boring but studied hard for an exam that interested him.

INTJ anime character Karma Akabane
INTJ anime characters: Karma Akabane

Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto Shippuden

Sasuke Uchiha from the ever-so-popular anime show, Naruto Shippuden is a colder character with an ambitious attitude. He is a sharp ninja and holds his abilities to a high standard. When he encounters new people, he evaluates their abilities and determines if they are better than him or not. 

He’s also introverted and is perceived as both cold and stubborn. Sasuke was a student of the Sannin where he excelled. His INTJ personality is prominent later in the anime show, where he remains cold towards his team, but still went to extreme lengths to help them.

Seto Kaiba – Yu-Gi-Oh!

A cold and cunning duelist, Seto Kaiba showcases his excellence throughout his duels in the anime show Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba was an elite dualist and rival of the protagonist, Yugi. Each duel in the show operated like a chess match where opponents try to think steps ahead and bait each other into traps with each move. Kaiba always kept his composure even on the verge of defeat. He studied his opponents and learned their tendencies before taking his turn. 

On a rare occasion, he would appear gentle towards others and show the kind side of his INTJ personality. However, evaluations of other opponents so he can prove himself as the best really drove his INTJ traits home.

Light Yagami – Death Note

Known for rationality and charm, Light Yagami from the show Death Note had a clashing personality. Sometimes arrogant while other times, Yagami was caring (for example, his sister). He was an overachiever and had the ambition to change the world. Yagami always had an interest in helping his sister with her homework underneath his massive goals. Keeping an eye on Yagami’s strong motives while keeping a cynical approach towards the rest of the world gives away his INTJ nature.

The Intriguing Nature of INTJs

It’s challenging not to appreciate the strengths of an INTJ personality type. They are thorough individuals who usually have reserved, but charming personalities. INTJ’s are highly observant and sometimes get attached to their vision. If they use this to their strength, an INTJ connects dots, solves patterns and problems, and knows how to be the most productive person in the room. 

The next time you watch your favorite anime show, keep your eye out for the wonderful traits of an INTJ. They often show desires to be perfect, compulsiveness, charm, loyalty, and a willingness to learn. It’s a mysterious group that made some fan-favorite anime characters flourish in their roles through the way that they perceive themselves. 

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