What Are The Best Hobbies for INFJs?

INFJs are a rare personality type, accounting for only 1-3% of the population. They are known for their warmth, intuition, and concern for others. INFJs are often described as creative, insightful, and complex.

They are peace-loving souls with a strong sense of justice and morality (just don’t make them angry). INFJs often enjoy spending time alone in contemplation, and they also make great counselors and advisors.

They aren’t idle, however. INFJs take action for the things they believe in. Even though they are introverted by nature, when it comes to standing up for their ideals, they have no problem speaking out.

So what do these rare unicorns do for fun?

INFJ Hobbies Worth Exploring

If you are an INFJ, you’re likely exploring ideas about what you are good at and which hobbies suit you. Rather than give you the same old generic hobbies list that could apply to pretty much any personality type, we wanted to see what INFJ Redditors had to say.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of INFJ hobbies from the hobbyists themselves.

1. Writing

INFJs are natural writers. They have a gift for storytelling and expressing their thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way. Writing can be a great way for INFJs to explore their inner world and connect with others.

INFJs make great bloggers and self-publishers. We came across several of them. Whereas they might not be the best at sticking with these projects, they are certainly drawn to starting them.

INFJ woman writing at a coffee shop
Popular INFJ Hobbies: Writing

2. Painting/drawing

INFJs are often visual thinkers, and they often have a lot of creative ideas. Painting and drawing can be a great way for them to express themselves artistically.

The INFJs we came across especially liked to paint and draw out-of-the-box subjects. Making ugly things beautiful again was a recurring theme.

3. Cooking or Baking

If you haven’t already noticed a trend here, it’s that INFJs thrive when their hobbies provide them with opportunities to take time for themselves.

Baking and cooking are both examples of something an INFJ can enjoy solo or with others (if they choose). It’s something they can get lost in for hours on end if they feel like it while honing a skill they see as valuable.

4. Home Brewing or Wine Making

Similarly to cooking, home brewing and winemaking are great hobbies for INFJs. Both activities allow a person to stretch their creative side independently, but also provide an outlet for socializing whenever the INFJ is up for it.

Essentially, if the task requires a fair amount of concentration and is something the hobbyist can get lost in, INFJs will be drawn to it.

5. Gardening

INFJs are often drawn to nature and enjoy being surrounded by plants and animals. Gardening can be a great way for them to connect with the natural world and also get some exercise.

6. Urban Gardening

Relatedly, urban gardening is another great hobby for city-dwelling INFJs. Whether it’s designing the perfect balcony herb garden or using plants to bring a drab apartment space to life, there’s so much to do!

succulent plants in beautiful pots on a coffee table in an apartment
INFJ Hobbies: Urban Gardening

7. Propagating

Another INFJ-approved gardening hobby is propagating. Propagating is when you take clippings of a plant and grow a new one from it. It’s a great way to get into gardening without having to invest in a lot of plants up front, and it can be really satisfying to see your little babies grow!

INFJs like the alchemy of this activity and the challenge it provides.

8. Organizing

INFJs are often very detail-oriented and can be great at organizing things. This can be a great hobby for them, as it allows them to use their skills and be productive. Eat your heart out, Marie Kondo.

9. Yoga or meditation

INFJs are often introspective and interested in exploring their inner world. Yoga and meditation can be great ways for them to do this.

10. Playing music

INFJs often have a strong musical sense and enjoy playing or listening to music. Music can be a great way for them to express their emotions and connect with others. Plus, anything that an INFJ can get lost in will be attractive to them.

This music hobby can extend into the INFJ social life as well. Whether it’s attending concerts or cultural events around time, music provides a variety of outlets for enjoyment.

11. Creating Playlists

A related hobby, but one that deserves special recognition is creating playlists. Depending on the level of enthusiasm, this can be for private use or creating public spaces on music sharing apps like Spotify.

INFJs thrive doing activities they can retreat inwards to accomplish. The pursuit of the perfect playlist is a great creative outlet.

12. Upcycling

INFJs often have a creative streak and love crafting projects. It’s also not uncommon to see them gravitate towards upcycling projects. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and INFJs have no problem finessing some old bottles into trendy lighting.

upcycled mason jars used to hang flowers for decoration
INFJ Hobbies: Upcycling

13. Helping others

INFJs often feel called to help others and find great satisfaction in doing so. There are many ways for INFJs to help others, including volunteering, mentoring, and advocacy. And they love to do it!

14. Language Learning

INFJs love broadening their horizons, so learning a new language fits right in with their love of culture and intellectual experiences.

Whether it’s working with a language learning app solo or attending in-person classes and practicing a new language with others, INFJs are able to extract a lot of fulfillment from this hobby.

15. Photography

Unsurprisingly, INFJs make great photographers. They have an eye for detail and often capture the beauty in the everyday. Photography can be a great way for them to express their creative side and share their perspective with the world.

Plus, a lot of INFJs feel misunderstood or like they aren’t truly seen. Photography provides them with a way to show people their unique perspectives.

16. Reading/Book Clubs

INFJs are often described as deep thinkers, and reading is a great way for them to explore new ideas and perspectives. They can also get lost in a good book for hours on end. Joining or starting a book club can be a great way for INFJs to connect with others who share their love of reading without feeling pressured to be overly outgoing.

17. Sewing

Another great hobby for INFJs is sewing. INFJs do well with this hobby because it allows for creativity, precision, and a sense of accomplishment. They can make everything from clothes to home decor with ease. This is also true of knitting, crocheting, and similar fiber-based crafts.

felt sewing project
INFJ Hobbies: Sewing

18. Urban Foraging

Urban foraging is when you collect edible plants and food sources from around your city. This is a great hobby for INFJs who love to be out in nature. It’s a hobby that’s both creative and challenging while giving introverted INFJs a chance to socialize with people around a common interest.

19. Athletic Training

There are plenty INFJs who get a lot of personal satisfaction in getting outdoors to train for competitions. Whether it’s a marathon, triathlon, or cycling competition, many INFJs really enjoy the flexibility and health benefits of training. It allows them space to be alone with their thoughts, but also to be part of a larger community whenever they are in the mood for social activity.

What are INFJs good at?

INFJs are often introspective and interested in exploring their inner world. Usually, their talents involve things that are both creative and meaningful. That is the INFJ sweet spot.

If an INFJ can find meaning and motivation behind something, and it allows them space to work independently and intensely, it is going to be a good fit.

That’s why INFJs excel at activities that allow them to “get lost” in the process.

What are INFJs bad at?

INFJs can find it difficult to do things that they perceive as pointless or frivolous. This is because their intuition often tells them there is more to things than what meets the eye.

This intuition also makes INFJs dislike doing activities that don’t have a clear goal or outcome. This includes things like watching TV or playing video games for entertainment. INFJs would much rather be productive and use their time in a more meaningful way.

Interestingly enough, this is also why INFJs tend to jump from hobby to hobby. If they don’t connect to something in a meaningful way, they’ll pick up something else. For some INFJs, this happens a lot as some struggle to give things the necessary time to become meaningful.

It’s a growth area.

Which INFJ hobbies are right for you?

With so many options, that’s really up to you to decide. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that you:

  1. Find meaningful
  2. Can do independently or with others as you see fit, and
  3. Allows you to explore your creativity

Oh, and make sure you give any new hobby a fighting chance before moving on to the next thing. Sometimes it takes a while for things to click.

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