INFJ 9w1s: Get To Know The Diplomatic Peacemaker

Empathetic. Creative. Easy to vibe with. 

The INFJ 9w1 personality is an interesting blend of traits. They are consummate peacemakers and natural-born diplomats with a keen ability to read people and connect to them on a deeper level.

If you’ve newly discovered you’re an INFJ 9w1 or know someone who is, we’ll explore the particular nuances of this personality combination and what it means for how you move in this world. 

Quick Overview of the INFJ Personality Type

INFJs are often referred to as the “Counselors” or “Advocates.” They tend to be deeply empathic and understanding people. Their dominant functions include introverted intuition (Ni) and extraverted feeling (Fe), which enables them to be insightful, compassionate, and pretty great listeners.

INFJs typically possess the following traits:

  • Intuitive: They are natural observers who tend to pick up on patterns and hidden meanings.
  • Feeling: They prioritize emotional harmony and connection with others.
  • Judging: They prefer structure, organization, and routine in their lives.

When combined with the Enneagram Type 9, INFJs can develop a 9w1 variant, which adds even more depth to their personality. Enneagram Type 9s focus on harmony and peace, while the wing 1 adds a touch of idealism and principles.

Some key attributes of an INFJ 9w1 include:

  • Patience: They show great understanding and tolerance when handling conflicts.
  • Diplomatic: They are skilled at navigating social situations and promoting balance among groups of people.
  • Ethical: They uphold moral values and constantly strive to improve themselves.

The INFJ 9w1 personality types are creative and idealistic. But they also wrestle with indecisiveness and self-doubt, which can cause problems for them. 

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The INFJ 9w1

Core Characteristics of 9w1

The 9w1, or Type Nine with a One wing, is a combination of two distinct enneagram personality types.

Type Nines, often referred to as the Peacemakers, possess a deep desire for harmony in their surroundings, while Type Ones, known as the Perfectionists, strive for moral integrity and improvement.

This combination results in a personality that is compassionate, intuitive, and committed to maintaining harmony in their environment while upholding high ethical standards.

Some key traits of the 9w1 personality include:

  • Peace-seeking and Harmonious: Like typical Type 9s, the 9w1 prioritizes peace and harmony (I know we sound a broken record here). They tend to avoid conflict and strive to maintain a sense of internal and external calm.
  • Idealistic and Principled: The influence of the One-Wing adds a layer of idealism and high moral standards. 9w1s often have a strong sense of right and wrong, and they aim to live up to these ideals.
  • Patient and Accommodating: They are known for their patience and willingness to accommodate others. This makes them excellent mediators who can see various points of view.
  • Internal Struggle with Anger: While they appear calm and collected, 9w1s might struggle internally with repressed anger. This is due to their Nine’s aversion to conflict and the critical nature of their One-Wing.
  • Methodical and Detail-Oriented: The One-Wing’s influence makes 9w1s more methodical and detail-oriented than typical Type 9s. They can be meticulous in their pursuits, albeit in a relaxed and non-rigid manner.

Their guiding principles revolve around maintaining a sense of inner peace and creating harmonious relationships with others.

The Peacemaker and Advisor Roles

Because they’re natural peacemakers, 9w1s are great at conflict resolution and creating an emotionally healthy atmosphere for those around them.

Have you ever been around somebody who just exudes calm and makes you feel more at ease? Or someone who was able to diffuse even the most tense of situations in a way that makes you say, “Wait, how did they do that?”

This is what makes 9w1s so great.

They’re great at making people feel seen and heard, which makes them incredibly useful mediators whenever there are disagreements or tensions.

Conversely, within their Advisor role, 9w1s exhibit a strong moral compass stemming from their wing One influence.

They hold themselves and others to high ethical standards and are not afraid to offer guidance or advice when it aligns with their values. They use their diplomatic skills to promote ethical behavior and positive change in their environment. They are your quintessential do-gooders and change-makers.

This can also cause headaches for them, however. While they hold themselves to high standards, they struggle to deal with people who don’t reflect their values. As we all know, not everyone has high standards for themselves. Quite the opposite in many cases. This is one of the biggest sources of stress for INFJ 9w1s. 

The INFJ 9w1 Profile

Key Motivations

The main thing INFJ 9w1s want in this life is peace and harmony. Many people in this category build entire lives around this pursuit. Given what we know about the world we all live in, you can see how this desire often comes into conflict with how the world works.

Behavior Patterns

There are a few common behavioral patterns you’ll typically find in INFJ 9w1s. Theyinclude:

  1. Diplomacy: They are skilled at finding diplomatic solutions to conflicts, demonstrating patience and understanding.
  2. Introspection: Their introspective nature helps them gain insight into themselves and others (meaning they read people well), aiding their personal development and emotional intelligence.
  3. Empathy: INFJ 9w1s have a deep sense of compassion and intuition, which helps them understand the perspectives of others.
  4. Persistence: They are committed to their ideals and values, and work tirelessly toward their goals and the greater good.

Emotional Landscape

The emotional landscape of an INFJ 9w1 can be expansive and occasionally fraught. They experience emotions deeply, but may struggle to express themselves due to their naturally reserved nature.

Here are some aspects of their emotional landscape:

  • They may feel conflicted between their strong feelings and their desire to maintain harmony, leading them to suppress or avoid expressing negative emotions. This can create a powder keg situation if they’re not careful. 
  • Their empathetic nature can cause them to absorb the emotions of others, potentially leading to emotional exhaustion if they do not set boundaries.
  • The INFJ 9w1 may struggle with self-doubt and indecisiveness, which can hinder their growth and decision-making abilities.
  • They strive for emotional balance and self-acceptance, valuing their relationships and longing for genuine connections with others.

Relationship Dynamics of INFJ 9w1

Compatibility with Other Types

INFJ 9w1 individuals are most compatible with types that value harmony and unity. Antagonistic types need not apply. Some compatible types for INFJ 9w1 include:

  • ENFP: Their enthusiasm and energy can help INFJ 9w1s become more decisive and confident in their choices.
  • INFP: Both share the same idealistic tendencies and can work together to make their dreams a reality.
  • ISFJ: These two types can have a strong emotional bond, and their shared caring nature can bring out the best in each other.

It is important to remember that compatibility is not an absolute rule. Factors like individual experiences and growth can still play a significant role in the success of a relationship.

Friendship and Romance

INFJ 9w1 friendships are largely built on mutual understanding, trust, and the desire to help each other grow. They may gravitate towards friends who:

  1. Value harmony and compassion
  2. Share their taste for deeper conversations
  3. Offer emotional support and stability

In romantic relationships, the INFJ 9w1 seeks a partner who understands and respects their need for harmony and personal growth. They want partners who demonstrate emotional intelligence, kindness, and open communication. 

Communication Styles

INFJ 9w1 communication styles are typically polite, diplomatic, and considerate. They often:

  • Listen actively: INFJ 9w1s make an effort to understand others’ perspectives and feelings before responding.
  • Avoid conflict: They prefer to maintain peace and harmony, avoiding confrontation whenever possible.
  • Offer constructive criticism: When giving feedback, they do so gently and thoughtfully to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

However, their tendency to prioritize harmony can sometimes lead to indecisiveness or not being assertive enough.

It is essential for INFJ 9w1 individuals to recognize the importance of balancing their natural diplomatic communication style with assertiveness and clarity, lest they become a doormat for someone.

Career Paths for INFJ 9w1

INFJ 9w1s often thrive in fields that allow them to make a positive impact on others and work towards a greater good. Some of the best fit professions for them include:

  • Counseling and therapy: With their empathetic nature and strong intuition, INFJ 9w1s can excel as therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals, helping others navigate their emotional and psychological challenges.
  • Teaching and education: INFJ 9w1s have a passion for learning and sharing knowledge, which can make them exceptional teachers, instructors, or mentors in various educational settings.
  • Non-profit work or advocacy: INFJ 9w1s can find fulfillment in working with non-profit organizations, where they can contribute to causes they align with and advocate for social justice and change.
  • Creative careers: Their imaginative nature and idealism can guide them into careers in art, writing, or design, allowing them to express themselves and inspire others. 
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INFJ 9w1 strengths

Workplace Contributions

An INFJ 9w1 can offer unique strengths and contributions within the workplace. Some of these include:

  • Conflict resolution: With their focus on harmony and diplomacy, these individuals are skilled at mediating conflicts, helping to foster a peaceful and congenial work environment.
  • Team collaboration: INFJ 9w1s excel in teamwork, using their empathetic and supportive nature to create strong relationships with coworkers and encouraging open communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Ethical decision-making: Driven by their values and principles, they have a strong moral compass and can provide guidance to ensure ethically aligned decision-making within the organization.

And while you may read those descriptors and think “what a goody two shoes,” don’t undervalue the importance of someone with strong diplomacy skills in the workplace. They are often the people who keep the place running.  

Common INFJ 9w1 Challenges and Solutions

Typical Pitfalls

The INFJ 9w1 personality type faces several challenges that can hinder their growth and ability to function in the world. Some common issues include:

  • Indecisiveness: They often struggle with making decisions due to their strong desire for harmony and avoidance of conflict.
  • Avoidance: As the peacemakers, they may avoid confronting issues, leading to unresolved emotional baggage or unaddressed conflicts. 
  • Suppressed emotions: INFJ 9w1 individuals may bottle up their feelings to maintain a sense of peace, resulting in emotional outbursts or resentment later. This is where the infamous INFJ rage comes into play. 

Overcoming Obstacles

To overcome these challenges, INFJ 9w1s can:

  • Prioritize self-awareness: Engaging in regular self-reflection will help them understand and manage their emotions better.
  • Set boundaries: Learning to assert themselves and maintain healthy boundaries is 100% necessary to move in a world as chaotic as ours.
  • Embrace conflict: Realize that sometimes conflict is necessary for growth and honesty. Adopting a diplomatic approach can help resolve issues without sacrificing their values or integrity.

An empowered INFJ 9w1 is something the world needs right now. Are you an INFJ 9w1? Comment below. Anything you would add to this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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