ENTJ Relationships: Your Complete Guide to ENTJ Dating

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you’ve been dating or are considering dating an ENTJ personality type. If so, congratulations! You’ve landed one of the rarest and most impressive personality types out there. But what can you expect from ENTJ relationships and are you truly compatible?

ENTJ Personalities: A Brief Overview

ENTJs are known for their intelligence, drive, and ambition. They’re often successful in their chosen fields and have no trouble achieving their goals. But what about their personal lives? How do ENTJs fare in relationships?

The answer is: it depends. Like all personality types, ENTJs have both strengths and weaknesses that can impact their relationships. However, with the right partner, an ENTJ can be a loving, supportive, and long-term relationship.

Here’s a quick overview of the ENTJ personality type, including some of their key strengths and weaknesses in relationships:

ENTJ Strengths

– Driven and ambitious

– Confident and decisive

– Intelligent and insightful

– Great communicators

– Good at problem-solving

ENTJ Weaknesses

– Can be insensitive

– May dominate conversations

– May be overly critical

– May struggle with emotional intimacy

Now that you know a little bit about the ENTJ personality type, let’s take a closer look at some of their unique strengths and weaknesses in ENTJ relationships.

ENTJs as Romantic Partners

As romantic partners, ENTJs are great for people who crave intellectual intimacy and value characteristics like ambition and drive. When it comes to dating, ENTJs are looking for true partners.

They’re not looking for an emotionally volatile situation. Rather, they want a person who mirrors their desire for stability and achievement.

This means that ENTJs are not going to be the partner that comes sweeping in with grand, romantic gestures. But what they lack in raw, emotional passion, they make up for in earnest support for their partner’s goals.

ENTJs are not going to run off to Vegas with you on the third date to elope, but they will support your desire to build a business and help in any way they can.

If you’re the type who likes to hear it firsthand, you might enjoy this interview with an ENTJ man discussing dating and relationships as an ENTJ.

Who are ENTJs attracted to?

ENTJs are attracted to people who are confident and self-assured. They’re also attracted to people who are intelligent and can keep up with their quick wit. That’s because ENTJs are driven by deep, intellectual connections and rather than whirlwind, romantic magnetism.

ENTJs want a partner who is challenging and interesting, someone they can have stimulating conversations with. They’re not interested in dating someone who is going to be a doormat, nor do they want partners with emotional mood swings. This is one of the reasons why INFJ-ENTJ compatibility weirdly works.

People with Hollywood notions of romance and intense, emotional connections need not apply. ENTJs are far too grounded for that.

ENTJ Flirting Style

The ENTJ flirting style is direct, straightforward, and cerebral. They’re not the type to beat around the bush or play games. When they’re interested in someone, they’ll let them know directly. This can sometimes be mistaken for arrogance, but it’s really just the ENTJ’s honest way of communicating.

If you’re wondering whether or not an ENTJ is flirting with you, watch for these signs:

  • They’ll make eye contact and hold it.
  • They’ll be direct in their conversation, asking you questions about yourself and your interests.
  • They’ll want to know your thoughts on a variety of topics, from politics to art.
  • They may debate with you good-naturedly on occasion.

If it feels vaguely like a job interview, you might be engaged in ENTJ flirting. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! ENTJs are extroverted and they are great at making deep, getting-to-know-you conversations fun.

Intellectual curiosity is their innate love language, so if you’re interested in an ENTJ and they’re actively engaging you in titillating conversation, chances are the feeling is mutual.

Which personality types are most compatible with ENTJs?

The best match for an ENTJ is someone who is confident, ambitious, and intelligent. They want a partner who can keep up with them intellectually and understands their need for achievement.

The general consensus is that INTPs are the perfect partners for ENTJs, but we think there are some other good matches as well.

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Who should ENTJs marry?


INTPs are a great match for ENTJs because they share a love of intellectual stimulation and debate. INTPs are also capable of keeping up with the ENTJ’s fast-paced intellect and provide a balance of emotion to the relationship. ENTJs can help INTPs to focus on the here-and-now and INTPs can help ENTJs to connect with their emotions.


Another potential match for ENTJs are INTJs. These two types share a lot in common, including their love of planning and efficiency. These two personality types understand each other because they are driven by the same things. The primary challenge in this partnership is that INTJs are much more introverted and may not be able to match their ENTJ partner’s energy.


ESTJs are another good match for ENTJs. These types share a lot of the same core values, including a focus on family, tradition, and responsibility. The issue that often arises in this relationship is that ESTJs are innovators, while ENTJs tend to be more inclined to maintain the status quo.

However, both personality types enjoy being around people and getting out to do things together. Plus, they both enjoy a sense of organization and structure in their daily lives which makes the relationship much more compatible.


ENTPs are another possible match for ENTJs. These personality types share a love of knowledge and intellectual stimulation, which makes for great conversation between them. However, the ENTP’s more easy-going attitude may clash with the ENTJ’s more driven approach to life.

The key to making this relationship work is for the ENTJ to be patient with the ENTP’s need for flexibility and for the ENTP to appreciate the ENTJ’s desire for structure. If they can find a balance between these two things, they will likely find that they have a lot of fun together.


We also can’t discount the potential benefits of partnering with another ENTJ. Now, let’s first acknowledge that this could be a case of two lions trying to rule the same den. ENTJs like to have control in their relationship, so that might not cause problems.

What’s great about this partnership, however, is that both people share the same drive, passion, and intellect. Depending on their core beliefs, this could be the making of the ultimate power couple.

The potential downside of this relationship is that ENTJs can be quite headstrong and may butt heads with each other more often than with other personality types. However, if they are able to respect each other’s opinions and work together as a team, they will likely find that they are unstoppable.

Who should ENTJs marry?

ENTJs should marry whoever is the most compatible with them. Seems obvious, right? But one of the most challenging parts of finding a life partner is understanding what traits in your partner are complementary and which are truly deal breakers, despite other connections you may feel with them.

Again, the general consensus is that ENTJs who marry INTPs end up doing well in their relationships. These two personality types are very complementary. ENTJs are able to provide the structure and stability that INTPs need, while INTPs are perfectly happy to allow their ENTJs to take the reigns in the relationship.

Don’t confuse that last part with passivity. Quite the contrary. INTPs can hold their own against ENTJs, and often do, which is part of the ENTJ attraction to them.

INTPs are just as passionate and driven as their ENTJ counterparts, but they also have an innate calmness that their partner may lack. This makes for a good yin and yang dynamic. INTPs can teach their ENTJ partners how to relax and be more still, and ENTJs can help their INTP mates get out in the world more.

FAQs on ENTJ Relationships

What are ENTJ boyfriends like?

ENTJ boyfriends tend to be confident, driven, and assertive. They are often very successful in their chosen field and take a great deal of pride in their accomplishments.

They’ll support you and be your biggest cheerleader in any professional or entrepreneurial endeavors. Don’t expect them to be emotionally intuitive or sympathetic to big emotional swings. It’s not their wheelhouse. Of course, they can learn to navigate these waters, but it doesn’t come to them naturally.

Do ENTJs get jealous?

ENTJs are not typically jealous people. They are confident in themselves and their relationship and trust their partner to be honest with them.

That being said, if they feel like their partner is hiding something from them or withholding information, they will likely confront them or end the relationship. They do not enjoy or have time for games.

How do ENTJs break up?

ENTJs break up the same way they do everything else: directly and with purpose. They are not interested in dragging things out or beating around the bush. If they have decided that the relationship is over, they will tell you plainly and move on.

Do ENTJs cheat?

ENTJs are not particularly prone to cheating, as they value honesty and loyalty in a relationship. If they do cheat, it is likely because they feel like their needs are not being met in the relationship and they have thus decided to move on.

How do ENTJs show love?

ENTJs show love by being supportive and present in their partner’s life. They are often very driven and ambitious, so they will likely be your biggest cheerleader in any professional endeavors.

ENTJs also enjoy spending time with their loved ones and making sure that everyone is happy and taken care of. They are not as emotionally expressive as some other personality types, but their actions will always speak louder than words.

What makes an ENTJ happy?

ENTJs are happiest when they are in control of their lives and their surroundings. They like to be in charge and feel like they are making a difference in the world.

They also enjoy spending time with their loved ones and close friends. ENTJs are not the type to sit still for long, so they often need to be doing something or they will get antsy.

Final Thoughts on ENTJ Relationships

Whether you have a crush on an ENTJ in your life or you are an ENTJ who’s been unlucky in love, understanding what ENTJs are attracted to and which personality types complement them best is an excellent first step towards understanding ENTJ relationships. What about you? Are you an ENTJ in a relationship or someone with an ENTJ partner? Who do you think is most compatible with them?

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