7 Best Portion Control Bowls and Containers in 2023

A few years ago, portion control bowls were all the rage. Multi-colored containers for different food types were meant to eliminate the need to track calories and weigh food.

But a lot of people found that system unnecessarily complex. That doesn’t mean portion control bowls are out, however. There are still some great uses and newer iterations you should consider adding to your kitchen.

Let’s dive in.

picture of a portion control bowl and plate
the best portion control bowls and containers on the market

1. DOWAN Porcelain Small Portion Control Bowls

One of the best tools for portion control and to combat mindless eating is to downsize your dish size. Also, the more colorful, the better. It’s a psychology trick.

Eating the contents of a smaller bowl will make you feel satisfied with less food. Color contrasts from your bowls and food make it more appetizing. These 10 oz bowls are a perfect size for smaller portions and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

DOWAN Dessert Bowls, Colorful Ceramic Ice Cream Bowls, 10 Oz Cute Small Bowls, Decorative Bowl Set for Dipping, Side Dishes, Condiment, Snack, Set of 6
  • 10 Fl.OZ (294 ML or 1.2 Cup). DOWAN Dessert bowls are small, with a MAX capacity of 10 fl oz. Each bowl can comfortably hold 7-8 fl oz. Smaller than a cereal bowl, they are ideal for ice cream, dessert, fruit, parfait, condiment, snack and side dish.
  • Beautiful & Practical Small Bowls. DOWAN Vibrant colors bowl set are 4.5 inch in diameter and hold up to 10 fluid ounces. They are just the right size for kids' little hands which makes them easy to hold.
  • No Toxins in Porcelain or Glaze. Safe for daily use; the small bowls are made of the highest grade porcelain and fired at a high temperature to maximize the strength of the porcelain. Unlike plastic or wooden bowls, porcelain won’t absorb odor or bacteria.
  • Easy to Clean & Stack. Dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe up to 482°F; You can wash them with cleanser or put them into your dishwasher. Bowls stack compactly in the kitchen cabinet.
  • Well Packaged for Perfect Condition. Our packaging is used with the best EPE foams to ensure the safety in transit, these bowls will arrive at your hand safely.

2. Lille Home Premium Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box

Bento boxes are not just great for lunches. They’re perfect containers for portion control. If your goal is to increase your fruits and veggies consumption while reducing things like dairy or grains, the different sizes within the bento box can help you do that.

Lille Home Premium Stainless Steel Food Containers/Bento Lunch Box With Anti-Slip Exterior, Set of 3, 470ML, 900ML,1.4L, Leakproof, BPA Free, Portion Control, Blue
  • Premium Material – Made of premium SS304, this set of food containers are sturdy and durable. They are eco-friendly, BPA free and non-toxin, which can keep your food fresh for a long period. Please note these are NOT insulated so they won't keep food warm or cold.
  • Leakproof – The snap-on lids provide an airtight, leakproof seal to preserve freshness and prevent food from leaking and spilling. They are perfect for work, school, picnic, camping, etc. Please DO NOT use these containers in the dishwasher as it will make the lids gradually distort so they won’t be leakproof anymore.
  • Space Saver –This set includes three different-sized containers which conveniently nest inside each other to save space in your kitchen cabinet when not being used. They are also very easy to clean.
  • Non-Slip Exterior – The exterior is made of non-slip material which will not only prevent the slipping, but also provide a perfect way to isolate the heat from the hot food so your hand won’t get burned.
  • Enjoy Home-Made Food – Wrap it with ribbons, give it to someone you love so they can enjoy home made delicacy for a healthier eating style!

3. Portion Perfection Porcelain Portion Control Bowls

Try saying that three times fast. Sheesh!

Whereas these are arguably not the most stylish options on our list, they do offer some of the best functionality. These bowls are great measuring out different portions while fixing your plate.

It’s an especially useful tool for people who are on specialized weight loss plans to prepare for things like bariatric surgery.

PORTION CONTROL BOWL, PORCELAIN SET OF 2 for Weight Loss, Diabetes and Healthier Diets. Educational, Visual Tool for Adults and Children by Dietitian Amanda Clark
  • PORTION CONTROL - Helping you with weight loss management & building a healthier dietary intake - suitable for men, women and children as well as those having undergone bariatric surgery
  • EDUCATIONAL - Teaches you to serve, eat the right amount of food and allows you to control your diet and body weight
  • GOAL MANAGEMENT - Great as part of your new healthy diet, helping you achieve your goals. Easy accountability for portion sizing
  • SAFE & EASY - Microwave, Oven & Dishwasher Safe
  • DESIGNED BY A WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST - Designed to help you control weight loss and food choices giving you a clear idea of how much to eat and an easy way to get it right every time

4. Everusely Stainless Steel Food Containers With Lids

These are a great option for anyone who wants a variety of portion control bowl sizes. We especially like the smaller 3 oz container for things like sauces and dressings.

As an added bonus, this set is durable, eco-friendly, and extremely cute.

Everusely Stainless Steel Food Containers With Lids, Reusable Snack Containers, Stainless Steel Lunch Container, Metal Food Containers, Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers, Bento Box, Lunch Box (Bright Rainbow)
  • 🥦 Premium Stainless Steel Containers: Crafted from premium 304 stainless steel & silicone, this metal food container set is a game changer for food storage. With none of the nasty chemicals found in plastic, they are safe for you, & the environment
  • 🥑 Convenient Sizes: 5 sizes means there's a container for everything; a large stainless steel lunch box for adults, kids food containers, toddler snack containers & mini sauce container, all perfect to use with Bento Boxes (32oz, 21oz, 13oz, 6oz, 3oz)
  • 🍏 Completely Leakproof & Airtight: Take your metal storage containers anywhere with confidence, or use them to keep food fresher for longer at home. The color-coded lids make them quick to identify & easy to remember what's inside
  • 🍉 Perfect For Leftovers: Each plastic-free metal container with lid is freezer, dishwasher & oven safe. Freeze your leftovers & simply reheat in the oven. Afterwards, toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning (just please don't microwave)
  • 🍐 Buy Now, Completely Risk Free: These reusable lunch/snack containers are extremely durable, perfectly portable & long lasting. The premium food-grade stainless steel won’t rust, & the silicone lids won’t warp or tear. We back our product 100%. Love it, or return it for a full refund

5. Livliga LivSpoons, Portion Control Serving Spoons

So while technically these are not bowls, they are extremely useful tools for anyone looking to get a handle (pardon the pun) on their portion sizes.

We aren’t very good at estimating how much we eat. Sometimes we’re not very honest about it either. Who wants to admit to polishing off an entire sleeve of Oreos?

These handy “spoons” can help you quickly manage your food group ratios. I find them especially good for making sure I have my veggie servings right.

Livliga LivSpoons, Portion Control Serving Spoons with Measurement, Set of 6, with 1 Cup, 3/4 Cup, 1/2 Cup, 1/3 Cup, 1/4 Cup and 1/8 Cup in Stainless Steel for Healthy Cooking and Eating
  • 6 STANDARD SERVING SIZES–Measuring/serving spoons in sizes 1 cup, 3/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup and 1/8 cup for portion control measurements that match specific foods and food groups, according to the USDA/MyPlate.
  • UNIQUE AND ARTIST DESIGNED–The double bend handle allows for it to hang comfortably and cleanly on the edge of nearly any pot or bowl either right-side up or upside down. Nests nicely together to fit in a drawer.
  • MULTIPLE USES–LivSpoons can be used whenever you want to know the amounts you are measuring or serving in the kitchen, for recipes, an elegant buffet or at a summer picnic to promote healthy eating.
  • WORKS AS A SYSTEM–Designed to work well with Livliga dinnerware and the 4 circle measurements integrated into the dishes as well as the fill lines in the bowl and mug for portion control. Additional coordinating serveware, dishware and glassware available.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE–Made of Eco-friendly and polished stainless steel that is dishwasher safe.

6. Fit & Fresh Stak Pak Portion Control 1-Cup Container Set

These are a great budget-friendly option for anyone looking to measure portions of 1 cup or smaller. My favorite feature is the quarter and half cup lines on the sides. They take the guesswork out of portions sizes smaller than a cup.

They’re great for snacks or even measuring out sides for lunch or dinner.

Fit & Fresh Stak Pak Portion Control 1-Cup Container Set, 4 BPA-Free Reusable Food Storage Containers and Ice Packs, Healthy Lunch and Snack for School/Work
  • HEALTHY MEAL PREPPING: Lighten your load when preparing lunch! This set of four snack containers are 1-Cup (8 oz.) each – perfect for packing yummy lunchtime bites. Measurement lines are printed on each container for precise meal prepping and easy portion control. Plus, each container has a different color lid to help you organize and separate a variety of food! Keep up the healthy lifestyle with the reusable Snack ‘N Stack Set!
  • INCLUDES TWO PERFORMANCE ICE PACKS: This set comes complete with two slim ice packs. If that's not enough, both ice packs perfectly clip under the lids of the lunch containers! If you’re packing sliced bananas, carrots, or other sides, these non-toxic and BPA-free ice packs will keep everything crisp when the clock strikes lunchtime! Simply freeze the reusable ice packs overnight for a long-lasting effect.
  • VERSATILE EVERYDAY USE: Prepping lunch? Getting snacks together for a picnic on the beach? Heading for a long road trip? The Snack ‘N Stack Set has all bases covered! Pack your favorite fruits and veggies, a trail mix combo, and much more! They’re also compact enough to pack in your insulated lunch bag, lunch box, beach tote, picnic basket, hiking backpack, sports cooler...we could go on!
  • EASY TO CLEAN, STORE & MAINTAIN: Say goodbye to plastic baggies and squished snacks! These BPA-free and non-toxic containers are freezer, top-shelf dishwasher, and microwave safe containers. Designed with your health in mind! Lids snap shut to secure food contents inside or to store for future use. While they’re a huge space-saver when stowing away in any kitchen cabinet or refrigerator, the vibrant lids add a nice pop of color to your home!
  • DESIGNED BY FIT + FRESH: Based in Providence, RI, Fit + Fresh prides itself on creating functional and distinctive styles for men, women, and their families. Our stylish, reusable lunch bags have long lasting durability and wide zippered openings – fitting for anyone on-the-go!

7. La Boos Square Portion Control Plates (4 Sections)

I’d like to think of these plates are more bowl-adjacent due to the depth of the different sections. So they’ve made the list!

We also think the ratios are much more in line with contemporary dietary guidelines than some of the alternatives on the market.

They’re straightforward, made from quality materials, and look great. What’s not to like?

La Boos Square Portion Control Plates (4-Section) - MyPlate Healthy Diet Ratio Control or Weight Loss Aid plate - Made with Bamboo - BPA-Free Lunch Plate or Healthy Eating Plate
  • ★ SERVE BALANCED MEAL: According to the USDA dietary guidelines. Vegetables&Fruits-38% , Cereals-32%, Meat-18%
  • ★ PREVENT OVEREATING: If you are having troubles trying to lose weight or stay fit, these diet control plates will be just perfect for you.
  • ★ NATURE&ELEGANT: Made Form sturdy Wooden Bamboo. Most Beautiful Nature Wood Bamboo Plate.
  • ★ DIET WEIGHT LOSS AID: Make you keep healthy each meal.Promote healthy habit. SGS APPROVAL& BPA FREE
  • ★ Best Personal Healthy diet Breakfast Plate,Lunch Plate,Dinner Plate.

Benefits of Using Portion Control Bowls

Portion control bowls and containers can be a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, they are extremely valuable tools for understanding how much you’re eating – something most of us underestimate.

We read recommendations that tell us to get at least 5 servings of vegetables per day but what does a serving look like on our plate?

The converse is also true. We might think we’re eating a half cup of pasta, but in all actuality, it’s more like twice that amount (or more, let’s be honest). Portion control bowls and containers allow us to quickly see what we’re actually eating.

We tend to overestimate how much healthy stuff we’re eating and underestimate the food best consumed in moderation. For people with certain weight loss and/or nutritional goals, these bowls are incredibly useful tools.

Cons of Using Portion Control Bowls

While we love these different containers for tools to help us eat healthier food, they can also be misused in ways that lead to disordered eating.

Obsessing about weighing and measuring your food is unhealthy. Visual tools to get an honest picture of our diet are great. Restricting yourself or becoming overly strict about portion control is not.

Weight loss and adopting healthy eating patterns is a gradual process. Some portion control weight loss plans boast that their approach means you don’t have to obsess over calories and can eat as you like, but it’s not that simple in practice.

In fact, overly strict portion control diet plans can be downright confusing, especially when you’re trying to translate recipes into color-coded portions. We don’t advocate going down that road.

The Bottom Line

We could all stand to fill our plates using healthier guidelines. Portion control bowls are tools that can help us visually gage what and how much we’re eating in order to make healthy, informed choices.

It’s not about restriction, but rather ensuring we are getting enough of the good stuff and not going overboard on the others.

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