Are ENTJs Cheaters? Why We’re Not Convinced.

Relationships are hard, and it’s natural to want to know if a person’s personality type makes them more or less likely to be unfaithful. You’re here because you have questions about ENTJs, specifically if ENTJs cheat.

We’ll unpack what we know about how ENTJs operate and what they value to try to answer that question.

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Are ENTJs cheaters?

Do ENTJs cheat?

There’s no simple answer to this question – ENTJs are complex people, and what might cause one ENTJ to cheat might not have the same effect on another. Generally speaking, ENTJs value loyalty so it is not in their nature to be comfortable cheating. They’d much rather end a relationship that isn’t working out for them.

Why do some people think ENTJs cheat?

ENTJs are known for being ambitious and competitive, and this can sometimes translate into a desire to win at all costs. This kind of drive can be misinterpreted as an impetus to cheat to get ahead, even in matters of the heart.

Additionally, ENTJs can be quite headstrong and independent and may feel stifled in a relationship if their partners aren’t good matches in terms of drive. If an ENTJ feels like their partner is too emotional or unmotivated, they may be tempted to stray. But no more than any personality type who feels dissatisfied in a relationship.

Are ENTJs more likely to cheat than other personality types?

First, let’s establish that all personality types are capable of cheating. Some personality types may be more attracted to faithful, monogamous lifestyles than others, but that’s not an indictment or guarantee that one type will cheat more than another.

ENTJs are extroverted, natural-born leaders who value loyalty. For this reason, many ENTJs are drawn to monogamous lifestyles, which makes them less prone to cheating than their more flirtatious, extroverted counterparts.

Which qualities do ENTJs find unattractive?

In a relationship, ENTJs need partners who are loyal and committed to the relationship. They are serious, driven people with little time for games.

ENTJs also prefer partners who are independent and headstrong like themselves. If their partner seems needy or clingy, it will quickly become unattractive to the ENTJ.

Additionally, ENTJs don’t mesh well with people who have extreme moods or people with emotionally charged inner worlds. They’re far too analytical for that. In fact, ENTJs are notoriously bad at sensing their partners’ emotional needs.

That doesn’t, however, translate to cheating.

How do ENTJs react to being cheated on?

ENTJs loathe betrayal, so it is likely that infidelity will end the relationship, especially if they think the behavior will continue.

ENTJs can be a little domineering in relationships. Cheating violates their sense of control, making them feel weak or vulnerable – emotions that are like kryptonite to an ENTJ.

Of course, there are a number of factors that go into the health of a relationship and reasons one partner might stray. The strength, openness, and commitment level of any relationship will impact how it survives cheating.

ENTJs do not like being made to look foolish, however, so if you do cheat on an ENTJ partner, don’t expect an easy route back to their good graces, if one exists at all.

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Bottom Line on ENTJs and Cheating

Because ENTJs value loyalty in relationships, we tend to fall on the side of saying ENTJs are not huge cheaters (unless they are hypocrites). That being said, a person’s Myers-Briggs personality type is not going to tell you everything you need to know about them.

If you want to know if a specific ENTJ in your life is cheating, it’s best to be direct and ask. Perhaps more importantly, trust your gut. If you think something is up, it could be a sign the relationship isn’t working.

What do you think? Are ENTJs cheaters? Tell us in the comments!

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